Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Sleeping Positions And Meaning In Relationships

                                                          How we sleep plays a very vital role in how well we sleep and everybody has a particular sleeping pattern that works for them. However, relationship experts have stated that sleeping positions goes beyond how well rested we are after a good night sleep when it involves partners in a relationship.

Experts say that the way we sleep can actually say a lot about how strong or weak our relationships are. Sleep counselor and author of “The Well Rested Woman” Janet Kinosian and Peter Salton, a psychologist recently spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle and they explained what the closeness between you and your partner at night denotes for the rest of your relationship.

The spoon is when couples sleep side by side, curled up with one another in the fetal position. It stands as the most used sleeping form of sleeping pattern by couples during the earlier years of their relationship. When the male is behind, it signifies a protective stance by the male, because it makes a woman feel that her partner is willing to look after her. But when the woman is behind, it means that the relationship is very nurturing and shows that the woman is the backbone of the relationship.

“This is a very loving position. It’s the same as a back-to-front hug when he’s standing at the sink doing the washing up and she comes up behind, putting her arms around him. It’s a sign of love and affection” Peter said.

Janet said “Spooning with the male behind traditionally signals a protective, traditional partnership. The woman wrapping behind the man indicates a more nurturing female driven relationship”.

Sleeping wrapped up in each other’s arms simply means that both partners are very fond of one another.

“This is the usual position that couples adopt immediately after sex. However it can be quite uncomfortable after a bit because at least one person’s arm falls asleep” Peter said about the sleeping position.

Janet said: “People in the early stages of relationship tend to want to be close together for longer throughout the night”

About couples that sleep with faces and bodies facing each other, Peter says:” This an unusual position because things like your knees and arms get in the way. You also end breathing on each other which is fine if you want to kiss, but not if you want to sleep.

Janet added “This is generally an early-on in the relationship position, when people are still in the honeymoon period, craving each other”.

“Back to back traditionally indicates a more generalized lack of closeness and more independence in a relationship” Janet said about the sleeping position.

“This is known as the post-argument position. It’s a signal to the other person that you are not interested in being intimate or loving in any way. Not a good way to start the night”. Peter added.

This position can be in one of these three forms: sleeping on the edge of the bed with a big gap between you, twin beds in the same room or separate bedrooms.

“Separate rooms usually means one of the couple is a heavy snorer, or the sexual part of the relationship is over”.

“Twin beds mean either the sex is not spontaneous any more, or one of the couple is a disturbed sleeper (tossing and turning a lot), which would affect the other person. Peter said about the two variations in the sleeping separately position.

Janet added “It’s not necessarily a terrible thing; If too much noise, teeth grinding, too little room in the bed or blanket issues keep one partner from getting the proper rest, a separate bed or bedroom might be in order”

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